Falling Tetra Blocks – Player’s Guide

Tetra Blocks is a new version of the Tetris-like falling blocks game to train your brain. According to Richard Haier, a Neuroscientist who spoke at the World Science Festival, a study showed how playing game Tetris changes the brain by increasing its neuroplasticity.

How to play the game

How to move tetra blocks while it’s falling

  • Use the Left and Right key to move the block in either direction
  • Use the Upper Arrow key to rotate the block
  • Use the Down Arrow key to speed up the fall
  • Use the Space Bar key to set the block down immediately

Your goal is to arrange the blocks before it sets down so that they form complete lines, which give you points and raise the level.

The strategy is to anticipate the next block that will fall, strategize where it should set, and arrange and guide it to fall in the right place precisely.

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