Survive the Squid Game - Player's Guide

Play the Squid Game – one of the most suspenseful series ever produced by Netflix – right on your Windows divides! This nerve-wracking and close-to-reality game offers six levels of the original Squid Game settings. Bonus: you can even assign any your favorite number to the player (yourself), be it 456 of Seong Gi-Hun, 067 of Sae-Byeok, or 001 of Il-Nam. Follow the instructions to beat all your opponents and survive til the end of the game!

List of game levels

  • Round 1 – Red-light and Green-light
  • Round 2 – Dalgona Candy
  • Round 3 – Tug of War
  • Round 4 – Marble Game
  • Round 5 – Glass Bridge
  • Round 6 – Survival Game

There is no break during or between any levels. Plus, if you fail one round, you will be kicked out of the entire game and start all over again.

Round 1- Rid-light and Green-light

Your Goal: Cross over the field without being shot. Run under the green light and stop at the red light. Random shooting at moving players happens as soon as the light turns gree and doll turns its evil face towards you.

How to play:

  • Point the mouse towards the direction you want to run, then
  • Press and hold down the mouse button to run
  • Release the mouse button to pause and stop


When the light is green, hold down use your mouse to drag the player towards the finish-line, only when the evil doll wasn’t looking…, release the mouse to stop, and repeat until you have crossed the finished line.

Use your instincs and don’t be greedy – be safe than sorry. Remeber: you have 30 seconds to cross the field. Pause often to get the pulse of the game.

Round 2- Dalgona Candy

Your Goal: carve the candy using the needle based on the shape given without breaking it. 

How to play:

  • Point and hold down your mouse at where you want to start the cutting.
  • Drag the mouse pointer at the center of the outline to cut the shape without deviating from ther center.
  • Continue the motion until you have completed the cutting


don’t rush yourself because you have plenty of time to go around the shape. Concentrate and be steady.

Round 3- Tug of War

Your Goal: drag your opponents towards you and let them fall over the bridge

How to play:

Repeatedly clicking the mouse on your side of the player as fast as you can until you have dragged the opponent players over and down the bridge.


A team game, but it all depends on you! Click at the very last player of your team seems to be most effective.

Round 4- Marble Game

Your Goal: make right guesses of your opponent has odd or even number of marbles and win over all his/her marbles

How to play:

This is one of the most nerve-wracking level of the series, as there is no trick to teach, even or odd, your life depends on it. So, good luck!


Sorry, the only trick is to pick ODD when your opponent only has one marble left.

Round 5- Glass Bridge

Your Goal: cross the glass bridge and reach the bank on the other side.

How to play:

Point your leading person towards the next glass panel and hope it doesn’t break. If it does then the leader is gone. Make sure the next guy steps onto the glass panel on the other side. Hopefully, you don’t have to sacrifice too many players to reach the end of the glass bridge.


If you point to the wrong glass, which breaks and the leading player dies. The player next in line will automatically pick the other glass panel to jump. So your focus is to guide the lead player to jump onto the right type of glass.

Round 6 - Survival Game

Your Goal: push your only opponent to out of the boudary

How to play:

Can you be the final lone survivor? Well, since you have already reached the final stage, let’s keep the suspense high to let you figure it out yourself.


Good luck!