Pro Billiards Pool – Player’s Guide

Play the Pro Billiards Game like a pool shark. What makes our app stands out is the precisions of your swings can be fully managed and expected, be it the contact point, the angle, or the strength of your swings. You can either play by yourself against time or against another friend.

How to play the Game

The game is designed to be not only realistic but also easy to play. There are three steps in every shot a player takes:

  1. Select the next ball to score,
  2. Aim the cue ball, and
  3. Take the shot

Select a ball

To select a target ball, place and click the cursor close to and slightly behind the ball towards the direction of where the cue will travel from. A double-circled market will be shown behind the ball to indicate the selection has been made. To select another ball, simply click the cursor behind another target.

Aiming the cue ball

While holding down the mouse, taking aim of the cue ball by adjusting the position of the cursor behind the target. The direction to where the target will travel is indicated by the point of the arrow emitting from the target ball.

Taking the shot

As soon as a player releases the mouse, the shot is taken. Prior to doing so, make sure that the appropriate force has been selected: be it full, medium, or low force, which can be adjusted by continue holding down the mouse while taking the aim. The “Cue Force Indicator” located to the right side of the pool take shows the current force selection as it cycles through the stages of full-medium-low-medium-full. Release the mouse as soon as a prefered force level is reached.

More Options

Players can choose to play alone (ie Play aginst timer) or play with a friend or opponent, which is another player.

Play against Timer

Score all balls in the pocket in the allotted time. Not to score a cue ball in the pocket, for each such hit one faul point is awarded. 3 fouls and the game will be terminated. Ball number eight must be the last one to score.

Play against Another Player

  • Each player selects and only strikes her own balls, be they stripes or solids.
  • Do not put the cue ball into a pocket, or such hits get a player one foul. A player loses when she has three fouls.
  • Only score the 8 ball once a player has scored all her balls, be they stripes or solids.
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