Neon Pong – Player’s Guide

Noen Pong is based on the classic game of Pong, which is now with a cool neon theme. Two different modes to try out, Classic and Boosted. Hit the ball back and forth trying to out smart and out play your opponent. Go grab a friend to compete in two player mode!

How to play the game

The goal of the game is to beat your opponent by achieving a higher.

Basic operations

To start the game:

  • Press the Space bar, or
  • Click on the pong in the middle of the field

To move the paddle for player 1:

  • Press “A” to move to the left
  • Press “D” to move to the right

To move the paddle for player 2 in the two-player mode:

  • Press “Left Arrow” to move to the left
  • Press “Right Arrow” to move to the right

To spin the ball in order to create a sharper angle

  • Move the paddle to the left or right as you are just about to hit the ball

Boosted Mode

When playing in the Boosted mode, look for the appearance of a “Super Charger” in the middle of the field. When returning a ball, trying to hit the Super Chargers, which will energize the ball with some speical effects like super speed, spinning, twist and turn, etc. The special effects disappear after one use until the ball hits another “Super Charger”. Remeber your opponent can use those “Super Chargers” against you as well.

Game Cutomization

The game provids the following options:

  • Select between the Classic Mode or the Boosted Mode
  • Select between one player or two players
  • Select the level of difficulties: Easy, Medium, or Hard

Press the settings icon to customize the game:

  • Turn sound on/off
  • Access to the basid help info
  • Quick the game
  • Turn on the full-screen mode
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