Memory Training Game – Player’s Guide

The Memory Training Game is a fun and educational braining training game that improves your memory by matching two cards of identical kind while remembering content on the mismatched cards so that you can make sure to turn the right set of two cards the next time. The game starts with six cards and gradually build up to advanced levels where you will have many more cards to deal with.

How to play the Game

Your goal is to match sets of two cards with the same marine specie. The more matches you have the higher the score you achieve.

  1. Click the play button [> / left arrow icon] to enter the game
  2. Click a card to turn it around, remember what marine specie is on the card
  3. Click on a second card to turn it around, remember the marine species on the card
  4. If the two cards matches they both disappear from the screen, otherwise both will turn back to hide
  5. Repeat this sequence of turning two cards until you finished matching all cards or the timer is up
  6. You have two minutes to complete the game

It is important to remember what marine specie is on a card that you just turned, by knowing what’s behind the cards, you can confidently turn two cards of the same kind and score.

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