Mahjong – Player’s Guide

Play Mahjong, the tile-based game developed in the 19th century in China, in the most classical settings. Mahjong Deluxe Classic offers six different types of Mahjong games, from easy to hard:

  • Monument (Easy)
  • Arena (Easy)
  • Four (Medium)
  • Classic (Medium)
  • The Wall (Hard)
  • The Pyramids (Hard)


Starting the Game

  • Click on the brown wooden button with the white arrow to start the game.
  • This will bring up the level select screen. You can play 18 different board layouts which are classified by difficulty level.
    • Easy: Monument, Arena, Temple, Octopus
    • Medium:Classic (also known as turtle or default), Four, Hanging Gardens, Mausoleum, Scorpion, Tiger
    • Hard: Pyramids, The Wall, Colossus, Great Pyramid, Lighthouse, Bird, Dog, Spider
  • The welcome screen also has 3 additional buttons at the top for developer information, full screen play mode, and sound control.

Game Controls

  • Mouse
    • Click on playable pieces which match to remove them from the playing field.
      • Typically, a piece needs to have an exposed side to be able to play it.
      • Tiles in the middle are typically not playable unless they are elevated higher than nearby tiles or have an exposed side.
    • Pieces which can be played are highlighted in yellow when you scroll over them.
  • Touchscreen
    • Use your finger like a mouse.
  • If you are having trouble making out the images on the tiles you can click the button with 4 arrows on it to make the app go to full screen view. If you are still having trouble you can zoom in on your browser.
  • If you are stuck there is an “ideas” lightbulb button on the right side. This button shows how many exposed pairs there are & highlights a pair if you click on it.
  • The game also has other game control button
    • at the top of the screen to control sound or exit the game
    • on the right side to restart the level or shuffle tiles

Tile Matching

  • If you are having trouble making out Chinese writing or symbols some tiles have a small number or letter in the upper left corner.
  • Precise matching vs concept matching
    • Some pieces do not need to precisely match to count as a match. For example, some pictures with scenes on them of things like trees.
    • For pictures of dragons, you do have to match colors.
  • If you quickly match multiple pairs of tiles, you are awarded bonus points.
    • If the bonus is set to zero you can look for multiple consecutive pairs to quick so you get a bonus on the second pair you click subsequent to the first pair.


  • Choose a board level which you find aesthetically pleasing and which matches your skill level.
    • If you are new to the game try to play a level which is classified as easy or medium.
    • If you are experienced with the game work on harder levels.
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