Connect the Pipes – Player’s Guide

Connect the pipes and let the water flow free. Connect pipes of the same color from beginnings to ends without overlapping. Train your brain with 100+ combinations!

How to play the game

Connect dots of the same colour to create a pipe between the two. Be careful — colour pipes cannot cross over each other, so you’ll have to find ways to bend them around each other to make them fit.

  1. Select a pair of colored dots to start with
  2. Click one dot and drag it through the board towards the second dot to create a pipe connection
  3. Repeat the step above to finish connecting all dots
  4. When a pipe crosses over on another pipe, the pipe got crossed over will be disconnected. You will then find different ways to connect the new pair of dots as well as repair the previous connection that’s now broken.

This game appears to be simple but it will get complicated and hard as you progress through the levels.

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