Battleship Mine Sweeper – Player’s Guide

Battleship Minesweeper is one of the classical computer games that Microsoft created in the early 1990s. The game is played on a board made of cells, which are in one of the three states: unopened opened, and flagged. An unopened cell is clickable and it may contain a mine or is clear. An opened cell should be clear from mine as otherwise, the game is over. A flagged cell means you’ve decided that the cell contains a mine.

How to play the Game

Your goal is to carefully sweep the entire board to open all cells that are safe while flagging any cell that contains a mine.

  • Start with clicking on the first cell that you think is clear. The game will open up a small section of the board with the indication of safe cells and cells that are adjacent to mines
  • The number you see on a cell tells you how many mines are in the adjacent cells. Each cell has eight adjacent cells. If a cell shows “1”, that means one of the eight adjacent cells contains a mine
  • By observing numbers displayed on cells that are connected or adjacent to each other, you can make educated but logical guesses of the next “dangerous” cell that is connected with the opened cells. For instance, if two connected cells both display the number 1, then you know both of these cells share a cell that’s explosive. By continue observing any other cells in the same area, you should be able to make an informed decision of which cell contains a mine
  • Flag a cell with mine by right-clicking on the cell, which will be marked with a flag if your guess is right
  • It is better to enlarge a single area will connected cells than randomly clicking and opening unopened cells

The game seems challenging but it is actually very logical and highly predictable. The key is not to rush yourself by trying to open as many cells as possible without thoroughly deliberating the right cells to flag or clear. Remember: patience is a virtue.

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