Air Traffic Control – Player’s Guide

Air Traffic Control Flight Simulator simulates the coordination and management of landings all aircrafts at an international airport. Air traffic control is a really challenging task. In this game, you are in charge of getting every airplane safely landed on the tarmac without any crashes. Whenever a plane or a helicopter appears on the screen, simply draw a line between the aircraft and the entrance of the runway to define its path to the corresponding runway and it will automatically land itself if no other plane creates a collision course.

How to play the game

As more planes appear on the screen, it becomes more challenging to avoid collisions. Watch for all airplanes approaching from all directions. Be in control and keep calm.

Your goal is to land all planes via designated entrances of runways without collision. There are three types of planes: jets, propeller aircrafts, and helicopters. The jets and propeller aircrafts must be landed on the runways, which can be shared between the two. Meanwhile, you can only land the helicopters on the designated pad marked with “H”.

  • Identify each runway, which can only be used for landing through one direction that’s marked with an arrow
  • Guide an approaching plane by clicking the plane and drag it towards the entrance of a runway or the helipad
  • While there are multiple planes approaching the same runway, ensure they do not collide over each other
  • To avoid a collision, you can always drag-n-point one of the planes to alter its flying path before landing
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